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Let us answer your questions!


  1. Director of Nursing or designee will review your assessments to ensure we can meet your needs, by visiting or by review of physician’s assessments, hospital records, etc.

  2. Physician’s orders to be admitted are necessary with a physical to be done prior to admit. 

  3. We encourage residents and family to bring in personal items, within limits, to make their room homey.  We recommend bringing at least seven complete outfits. Appropriate clothing is usually considered to be slacks, shirts/tops, dresses, sweat suits, sweaters, nightgown/sleepwear, and underwear. Shoes or slippers should have nonslip soles. As a general rule, clothing should be roomy and have large enough openings that they can be put on and removed with a minimum of stress to both the resident and the clothing. Nursing home staff will label clothing if not already done prior to admit.  Personal laundry service is provided by the facility. Clothing should be machine washable and dryable. Families should expect to assist in maintaining the resident’s wardrobe.

  4. Shampoo, soap, lotion, powder, toothbrush and toothpaste are provided by Maple Crest, unless special brands are desired.

  5. Information regarding the medical status or progress of a resident is guarded under HIPPA limitations, please ask at the nurses’ station.

  6. Care plans are held each Thursday, with each resident evaluated quarterly. Family members are invited to attend this discussion of the resident’s needs, goals, and progress. The family will be notified by Maple Crest as to date, time, and place. During holidays or other times of need, care plan day may be changed.

  7. If resident has their own W/C, Walker or canes at home, they may bring them to use. (As long as in good condition for safety of resident.) 

  8. We discourage residents from keeping valuable items, such as expensive jewelry and large sums of money, in their rooms. The facility cannot take responsibility for such items.


  1. Resident rehabilitation and eventual discharge is an important goal for family, resident, and staff. Many residents do return to their homes or to other appropriate care. The physician, nursing staff, and social worker will assist in discharge planning.  We will assist with setting up home health care if appropriate, meals on wheels, Lifeline service, etc. upon your request. 

  2. In the event you are discharged from Maple Crest Manor against your will, you may request a hearing, verbally or in writing, with the administrator or with Department of Inspections and Appeals.


Our Daily Rates:

Semi-private room--$283

Private room--$291

**Daily rates include all aspects of your care except the following: pharmacy statement and medications, therapy (may be covered by Medicare and your supplement insurance), hair care, and in room telephones.**


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