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Welcome to The Maples Assisted Living

Why choose The Maples Assisted Living?
At The Maples Assisted Living, we understand the difficulty in the decisions you face. Understanding and caring about your experience today and tomorrow is the heart of what we do. The Maples Assisted Living features a personalized assisted living community concept for those who need help with routine activities of daily living, such as bathing and dressing, among other services.

Because individuals and families are unique, we must also be unique in serving each tenant to an optimal standard. Our experience has taught us understanding, compassion, and the importance of a smile.

Our approach is to listen to our tenants, recognize who they are and the services and preferences that are essential to them, and integrate those desires into every viable aspect of their life. From new clubs to favorite personal recipes or even significant details regarding personal care; our goal is to meet the daily expectations of our residents and their families in every way possible.

Our Personalized Assisted Living Promise: “Respect for Individual Preferences”.
With our personalized assisted living approach, we promise an experience that will exceed the norms of traditional assisted living within an environment and lifestyle that are tailored to the needs and preferences of the individual. This method is implemented through our three step program:

  • Listen
    Our detailed personal service assessment and plan allows us to listen to the personal information needed to establish the caregiver relationship that we are known for. By working through a list of detailed questions, we are able to learn as much as possible about our tenants upon admission.

  • Recognize
    With this detailed information we are able to recognize the individual needs and preferences and respond to them in an environment of compassion and respect. Throughout our tenants stay we continue to listen and recognize needs as they continue to change.

  • Integrate
    Once our tenants needs and/or desires are heard and recognized we do our best to put the correct services in place. This is accomplished by meeting the individual’s care needs with personal preferences and professional services in order to ensure each resident’s experience is truly individualized and unique.

Unique Programs
The Maples Assisted Living community provides signature programs and opportunities to enable each resident to optimize and enjoy his/her daily experience.

• Comprehensive clinical programs
• Therapy and rehabilitation services
• A “whole person” wellness culture
• Celebrations, themed monthly events and dining experiences
• Signature dining daily, with accommodations for reasonable requests

Our goal is delivering personalized assisted living with a promise to respect individual preferences.

Personalized Assisted Living Community for Seniors

If you or a loved one require assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing or medication administration, The Maples’ personalized assisted living community can provide all this and more. It’s the optimal senior living environment when limited care is needed.

Each person at our assisted living community is individual and unique. Our personalized assisted living approach allows for this and focuses on the unique needs of each tenant to ensure they are optimally engaged in life. By customizing care offerings for the individual we help to ease assisted living tenants through lifestyle transitions and enhance their happiness, all while fulfilling our daily promise of individualized respect.

Personalized assisted living is available in The Maples’ full continuum of care on a single campus. We serve each tenant based on his or her unique needs and desires – much different than the approach of typical senior living communities. By customizing service offerings and creating a preference-based relationship, our tenants have the freedom to make choices that deliver day-to-day fulfillment.

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